Previously funded

All Saints Community First Panel’s Previous Funding Distribution:

Financial Year: 2011/2012
Funded Group: £Suggested: £Paid: Position: £Actual: Description:
All Saints Church £2,500 £2,500 Approved £2,500 To install a new heating unit to replace a failed unit. Enabling All Saints church to be used for and by community groups during cold weather.
Kettering Retail Crime Initiative £250.00 £250.00 Approved £250 Training, networking and equipment for an anti shoplifting initiative.
Totals 2011/2012 £2,750 £2,750 £2,750
Financial Year: 2012/2013
Funded Group: £Suggested: £Paid: Position: £Actual: Description:
No funds issued this year L
Financial Year: 2013/2014
Funded Group: £Suggested: £Paid: Position: £Actual: Description:
All Saints Rainbow Guides (aged 5-7 years) £295.00 £295.00 Approved £295.00 Activity tables & table-trolley for use of the Rainbow Guides, the Brownies and the Guides.
Park Infant School Kettering £250.00 £250.00 Approved £250.00 Cycle & road safety educational poster competition.
All Saints Church £250.00 £250.00 Approved £250.00 Police unisex personal-safety training hosted by the All Saints church.
All Saints Playgroup & Pre-school £250.00 £250.00 Approved £250.00 For enhancement of the outdoor area with natural seating & to also introduce opportunities for the children to develop their musical skills outdoors.
Friends Of Rockingham Road Pleasure Park £2,500.00 £2500.00 Approved £2,500.00 Part funding of a new dedicated infant’s play ground and outdoor classroom, complementing the new older children’s play equipment.
Totals 2013/2014: £3545 £3545 £3545
Financial Year: 2014/2015
Neighbourhood Watch NW £2,500.00 £2,500.00 Approved £0.00 Community led funding drive to install 3 HD low-light-effective CCTV cameras, poles, ground works into Rockingham Road Pleasure Park
Weekley Rovers Football Club £2,500.00 £2,500.00 Approved £0.00 Our project proposal represents excellent value for money because it addresses all four Neighbourhood Plan priorities. We will enable 20 youth football teams to engage in regular sporting activity – that’s over 300 young people, in a high quality environment learning skills based on the Football Association model of technical, social, psychological and physical development.
Parents & Friends Association; Park Infant School Kettering £2,500.00 £0.00 Approved £0.00 With this money we wish to make the school, community and local environment safer and more picturesque. The local area will be more aesthetically pleasing, the community will be healthier, safer, more aware and better informed of local opportunities, facilities, services and volunteering availability.
FORRPP / CFP £2,500.00 £2500.00 Approved £0.00 Matched funding (up to £2.5K) for the crowdfunding of a new dedicated infant’s play ground and outdoor classroom, complementing the new older children’s play equipment.
Totals 2014/2015 £10,000 £7,500 0
Grand Totals: £16,295 £13,795 £6,295


Status Explained: Pending or Approved:

  • ‘Pending’ means the project has only recently been submitted to CDF and needs to be processed, or that the group have not yet returned their grant acceptance form to CDF.
  • ‘Approved’ means that the group have returned their grant acceptance, so if it is ‘Approved’ but without a payment it either means that it is scheduled for payment shortly, or that there is a query relating to the payment details.
  • ‘Final actual spend’ means total amount of grant spent by funded group as reported to CDF at project end.
  • Any projects displaying ‘2013/14’ in the ‘Financial year’ column indicate recommendations made this financial year. A blank entry refers to earlier financial years.




Expenses claimed in relation to All Saints Community First Panel:

Claimant: Paid: CDF Position: Financial Year:
David Meagher & Associates Ltd. £100.00 Approved 2013/2014
Total £100.00



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